What is Peace, Love & Vines?

Peace, Love & Vines is our way of spreading peace and love by encouraging people to share acts of kindness with others. Red Vines® candy has always brought people together to share life’s sweetest moments.

Sharing is a natural extension of what people do with Red Vines, and we encourage you to pay it forward by sharing an act of kindness with someone else. We strongly believe that, like Red Vines, life is best when shared.

Limited-Time Only
Red Vines Trays

For a limited-time we are printing a Peace, Love & Vines design on the packaging for the Red Vines® tray. Packaging through the summer of 2020, you will see this limited-time-only design on the packaging, as well as a message of kindness printed on the inside tray that holds the candy.

Under each message you will see the first name and last initial of the person who submitted the message. Each unique message was submitted by someone hoping to inspire others to share an act of kindness.

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